Convertible Rooftop Units With The Flexibility
You Need And The Quality You Expect
From American Standard.
American Standard's 3 to 10-ton packaged rooftop units have the flexibility to span the
entire spectrum of light commercial applications.
Sleek Exterior: With a sleek compact cabinet, rounded corners and beveled top, this may be the most
aesthetically pleasing packaged unit on the planet - it is certainly the most versatile. From simple
applications, to the most complex installation needs, our rooftop units are the answer.
Option-Rich: Our packaged rooftops have outstanding features and offer an unprecedented selection of
options, including a choice in controls: electromechanical or the highly sophisticated ReliaTel™ control
Ultimate Flexibility: American Standard's light commercial packaged units are the most flexible in
the industry. We do not prepackage features; you order and pay for only those options you really
need. For example:

- Electromechanical or ReliaTel™ controls
- Standard or high efficiency cooling capacities
- Low, medium or high heat gas heating capacities
- A wide array of electric heat options
- Direct or belt drive, standard or oversized evaporator fan motors
- Gas/electric, cooling only, heat pumps
- 1-inch filters with rack capable of accepting 2-inch filters
- Short orifice or thermal expansion valve refrigerant control
Quality and Reliability Are Built Right In
- American Standard-built hermetic and scroll compressors
- Progressive tubular heat exchanger with stainless steel burners
- Double sloped and reversible condensate drain pan
Easy to Install
- Converts from downflow to horizontal by moving two panels
- Single-side access
- Easy access low voltage terminal board
- Single-point power connection
- ReliaTel™ controlled units operate as standard with zone sensor or thermostat
- Standard through the base condensate connections
Easy to Service
- Patent pending multi-row condenser coil designed with gap for easy cleaning
- ReliaTel™ assists service through the use of built-in test modes
- Standardized components single-side service
- Colored and numbered wiring
- Easy adjust belt drive motors
American Standard Quality With The
Added Flexibility You Need.

The following options ship factory-installed within our standard ship cycle, which is one of the
shortest in the industry.
Microprocessor or electromechanical controls
Through-the-base gas, condensate and electric utilities simplify wiring and piping, minimize the
number of roof penetrations, and the integrity of roofing materials is enhanced.
Unit disconnect or circuit breakers ensure unit shutdown for servicing. Factory installation of unit
disconnects reduces cost, provides proper mounting, and the opportunity to upgrade to
unit circuit breaker protection.
Economizer, dry bulb, reference or comparative enthalpy provides practically free
cooling, and economizers offer great energy savings.
Hinged access doors permit easy entry to the unit's service access areas. These doors
reduce potential roof damage from screws or sharp access door corners.
115-volt electrical convenience outlet provides a unit powered GFI circuit and roof
accessible outlets required by NEC.
- Dirty filter and fan failure switches trigger a thermostat service light or building controls
system to indicate dirty filters or inoperative fans. Factory installation eliminates field
installation charges and often reduces service time.
- Dehumidification (Hot Gas Reheat) - This option allows for increased outdoor air
ventilation. It reduces humidity levels while increasing comfort level in the air space.
Cooling can operate without a demand for dehumidification. The hot gas reheat coil is
designed to deliver maximum reheat temperatures and to pivot for easy-access
cleaning. This is available for all high efficiency models (except 6-ton models).
CO2 Sensing provides the ability to monitor space occupancy levels within the
building by measuring the parts per million of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the air. As the
CO2 levels increase, the outside air damper modulates to meet the CO2 space
ventilation requirements. The CO2 accessory is available for field installation.
Ventilation override accessory - The unit can be set to transition to up to three different
pre-programmed sequences for Smoke Purge, Pressurization, and Exhaust. This would
typically be a hard-wired relay output from a smoke detector or fire control panel. The
ventilation override accessory is available for field installation.
Direct or belt drive evaporator fan motors for varying airflow requirements.
Barometric relief
Phase monitor*
- Supply and/or return air smoke detectors**

3-10 Ton
Superior Performance And Ease Of Installation
For The Toughest Job Sites And The Most
Complex Applications.
American Standard 12.5 to 25-ton packaged units provide the ultimate level of indoor comfort
and are easy to install and maintain. American Standard was the first to introduce microprocessor
controls in light commercial packaged units and, with the ReliaTel™ Microprocessor, we have continued
to improve their performance. With ReliaTel™ controls, our units provide the highest standards in quality
and reliability, ease of service, performance and comfort. If you are a contractor, you want a unit that
saves time and money. If you are an engineer, you want a unit that meets your design criteria and
covers special applications. American Standard packaged units deliver all of this and more.

Take A Look At The Features
That Set Us Apart:
American Standard-Built Scroll Compressors
Designed specifically to ensure outstanding system operation. Five years of operation are
simulated in 16 weeks of testing in the System Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) facility.
American Standard scroll compressors offer significant efficiency and reliability benefits including
cast-iron orbiting scrolls, journal bearings, an optimized involute geometry, and much more.
Sloped Condensate Drain Pans
Standard on all American Standard packaged units. The drain pan rests on an angle which helps insure
proper drainage to prevent water accumulation. The drain pan is painted with the same weatherresistant
coating as the unit's exterior panels and provides an easy to clean surface.
Drum and Tube Heat Exchanger
This design was developed for increased efficiency, better reliability, and long life. The heat
exchanger uses aluminized and stainless steel components and industry-proven drum and
tube technology for maximum durability. The hot surface ignitor uses electricity to light the gas
burner, eliminating the need for a pilot that could accidentally blow out. Shut down due to low
gas line pressure is alleviated by our unique negative pressure gas valve.
Factory-Installed Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
An option on gas heat models, our new stainless steel heat exchangers resist corrosion and oxidation
and allow for high ventilation rates.
Strict Standards in Testing
American Standard tests products at the factory, not at the installation site. All units are
subjected to rigorous and widely varied factory testing before shipping.
Light Commercial
Packaged Units
(12.5 to 25-Ton)
A Complete Line To Select From.
Our packaged units are ready to work for you regardless of the application. Some of
the benefits of selecting an American Standard packaged unit include:
Quick-Adjust Idler Arm
Allows easy adjustment of the belt and sheaves without moving the mounted fan motor.
Single-Side Access
All necessary servicing of the unit can be completed from one side. Just
remove three screws or less on any service panel and you're into the
unit. Hinged access doors are also available to make opening the unit
even easier and to minimize potential roof damage that could be
caused by dropped or misplaced screws.
Separated Condenser Coil
Allows for easy access and cleaning.
Exclusive, U-shaped Air Path
Allows for high airflow, giving excellent
building circulation.
Micro Controls
The programming of the ReliaTel™ microprocessor eliminates the
need for field-installed anti-short-cycle timers and time-delay relays. With ReliaTel™, compressor
and fan staging, minimum On/Off times, and alternating compressor lead/lag control are
standard features. The ReliaTel™ board enables better outside air management by providing
demand ventilation capability (CO2 control), and enables low ambient cooling down to 0oF.
No Job-Site Conversion
The dedicated downflow and horizontal unit configurations eliminate the need for timeconsuming
field conversions.
Low Voltage Terminal Board
External to the electrical control cabinet, the board is easy to locate and
makes attaching thermostat and sensor wires a snap. It also eliminates
the need for any special tools to step the unit through its test sequence.
By simply placing a jumper between Test 1 and Test 2 on the Low
Voltage Terminal Board, the unit will walk through its operational steps
Single Point Power
A single electrical connection powers all units, eliminating the need to
run extra wiring.
12.5-25 Ton

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